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Dr. Vinay Gutti has performed thousands of vision-restoring surgeries utilizing state-of-the-art technologies such as LenSx® laser cataract surgery and the ORA™ System for optimal selection and pinpoint positioning of the most advanced replacement lenses in the industry.

Vinay Gutti

Dr. Vinay Gutti is a Board-certified ophthalmologist with a medical degree from Penn State University College of Medicine and a Fellowship in Cornea, External Disease and Refractive Surgery from the University of California Irvine Medical Center. Dr. Gutti has performed more than 10,000 surgical procedures and specializes in cataract surgeries. Dr. Gutti utilizes the LenSx® laser cataract system and the most advanced replacement lenses, including the Symfony® extended range of vision lens, TECNIS® and ReSTOR® multifocal lenses, and the Toric® lens to correct astigmatism. He also performs advanced corneal transplantation techniques such as the DSEK procedure, which allows for quicker visual recovery compared to a traditional corneal transplant.  

Dr. Gutti has created and contributed to a body of published medical research and written academic articles for various medical and industry publications. He is in constant pursuit of the newest treatments and techniques in eye disease and eye surgery to provide the best care for his patients.


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Cataract Surgery




Procedures: Laser Cataract Surgery with Symfony® Lens

“Maureen and I were both affected by cataracts. My vision started to cause me concern, especially when driving, because I had to be almost on top of a road sign before I could read it. This year we started to seriously discuss having cataract surgery. 

Patient Image - Ortiz

“So we asked our friends and neighbors and several of them told us about their great experiences with Lake Eye. One of our neighbors went to Dr. Gutti for cataract surgery and that was all we needed to call up and make an appointment.

“We both felt that the whole process was easy and not intimidating in any way. We never felt like it was bing, bang, boom – Dr. Gutti and his staff were very proficient, professional and caring. They took their time with us and made us comfortable.

“My surgery was very recent so I’m still recovering but I’m very happy. My left eye is as clear as a bell and the right eye is improving daily. My pickleball game really suffered before because I couldn’t see the ball. I’m tickled to have better vision and I can’t wait to get back on the court. Dr. Gutti is a miracle worker!” – Gene Ortiz


“Dr. Gutti explained all of our cataract surgery options in great detail, and Gene and I both opted to have laser cataract surgery. I was treated great by the staff and the whole process was easy and comfortable. After talking with Dr. Gutti, I decided to have a multifocal lens implanted in one eye and a Symfony® lens in the other. I’m elated with the outcome! My vision is now 20/20, which I never had before. I’m absolutely thrilled with the improvement in my vision.

“Gene and I are getting ready to join our family for a beach vacation and we are both more excited since having our surgery. It’s like a miracle to be able to see so well!” – Maureen Ortiz


Procedure: Laser Cataract Surgery with Symfony® Lens

"I had cataract and laser surgery with Symfony lenses implanted in both eyes this year. I could not be more impressed with the surgery, the results and the entire process of care from Dr. Gutti and the entire staff at Lake Eye. My vision is absolutely a 360-degree turn around from what it was pre-surgery. I can read a book or menu without glasses and my distance vision is now 28/20. One other phenomenal result was the spectrum of color and clarity of objects after surgery. I highly recommend Lake Eye to anyone needing eye care of any kind."

Patient Image - Seno

angelo seno

Procedure: Cataract Surgery, Lens Implants

My cataract surgeries went great. I can’t believe how much better I can see and how bright colors are! I definitely recommend Dr. Gutti!

“I went in to see Dr. Gutti for a routine eye exam and to get new glasses because my vision was getting bad. He told me I had cataracts and explained all my options. I had surgery on both eyes, two weeks apart. Both surgeries went great. I didn’t realize how bad my vision had gotten until afterward – I can’t believe how much better I can see and how bright colors are! Dr. Gutti is a great guy! I definitely recommend him.” –Angelo Seno