About the Practice

Dr. Wehrly has performed thousands of successful eye surgeries and was one of the first local eye surgeons to train in and be qualified to perform the revolutionary LenSx® refractive laser cataract surgery. 


Dr. Wehrly is a Board-certified Diplomate of the American Board of Ophthalmology. He has been fellowship trained in Cornea and External Disease at Duke University.

Dr. Wehrly has performed over 17,800 successful state-of-the-art cataract surgeries, over 12,000 refractive surgeries and thousands of additional ocular and laser procedures restoring sight to visually challenged patients.

Dr. Wehrly is a leading corneal transplant, cataract, oculoplastic and glaucoma surgeon. He has extensive experience in the advanced ReSTOR® multifocal implant, the Toric® implant that corrects astigmatism and lens implants that slow the advancement of macular degeneration.

In 2001, after seven years of military service in the Air Force, Dr. Wehrly joined Lake Eye Associates. He has served as Chief of Ophthalmology at MacDill AFB in Tampa, and as Chief of Ophthalmology and Director of Laser Eye Surgery at the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado.


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Cataract Diagnosis and Treatment


Kathy Lee

Procedure: LenSx® Cataract Surgery and lens implants for both eyes


I was having trouble with night vision due to cataracts in both eyes. From the beginning the staff was extremely professional and there was never a rushed feeling. They provided answers, discussion, literature to read, so I was well-informed. Everything was done in a simple, step-by-step format that was very informative. I met with Dr. Wehrly and was immediately confident that he was the right choice of surgeons.

Dr. Wehrly performed my laser surgery at The Santa Fe Surgery center. Their staff was also superb and I always felt like I was getting excellent treatment. There were no problems whatsoever. The cataract surgery was a breeze, the drops were no big deal, it is truly amazing!

My night driving has dramatically improved and I no longer see halos around people (though I sometimes miss joking that everyone looks like an angel). I honestly cannot believe how much better I can see! I didn’t realize how bad it was.


The surgery and Dr. Wehrly have been life changers!

Anna Coakley

Procedure: Cataract Surgery on Both Eyes


I was experiencing cloudy vision and it kept getting worse. I started having trouble driving and with my favorite hobby, pellet guns. Targets were blurry and my accuracy was way off. I finally went to see Dr. Wehrly, who informed me I had cataracts in both eyes.

The idea of surgery scared me until Dr. Wehrly told me how safe, quick and effective the procedure is. I was so grateful for the time he spent explaining it all to me. The surgery was a piece of cake. I got my "bad eye" done first, then my "shooting eye" two weeks later. Immediately I noticed how vibrant colors were.

I couldn't believe what I'd been missing! Recovery was fast and easy. All I needed was eye drops for a few weeks. Two days after my surgery I went to the shooting range and hit the bull's eye so many times it looked like Swiss cheese! And I brought the proof in to Dr. Wehrly, who I love. He's a great doctor and a great guy. I highly recommend Lake Eye.