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Discover a world of clear vision and trendsetting fashion at every Lake Eye location. We offer eye exams from Board-certified ophthalmologists, friendly, expert service from our licensed opticians, and a wonderland of designer frames, sunglasses and contacts lenses in styles for the whole family.

High Quality Optical Lens Packages

We offer an array of standard, premium, continuous-wear and sunglass lenses, packaged priced for ultimate value. Our experienced opticians can help you decide which lens type best suits your lifestyle.

Single Vision – Perfect for people who need to correct a single field of vision, with your choice of economy, polycarbonate or high-index lenses and coating options. Also available in Enhanced Single Vision, customized to provide even sharper vision correction.







Bifocal – For people who need to correct two fields of vision. Usually the upper part of the lens is crafted to correct for distance and the lower segment for close-up vision, but they can also be customized for your specific vision issues and goals. These next-generation lenses feature a nearly imperceptible dividing line for superior style.

Trifocal – Great for people who want vision correction at all distances. For most people, the upper segment of the lens corrects for distance, the middle for intermediate tasks such as computer work, and the lower area for up-close tasks like reading. As with our bifocals, the dividing lines are nearly invisible.

Progressive – These style-conscious multifocal lenses correct for all distances without dividing lines, offering a seamless transition from one vision field to the next. Available in traditional, premium and personalized options.

Polycarbonate or High Index – Polycarbonate lenses are lightweight, sleek and stylish, and thinner and more comfortable than regular lenses, especially if you have a strong prescription. They’re slim and light enough to fit inside most frame styles, eliminating bulk and pressure on the nose. High Index lenses weigh a bit more than polycarbonate, but are lighter than conventional plastic and provide excellent vision clarity for farsighted people without a thick profile or bug-eyed effect.

Both are impact resistant to last through years of normal use. Available in all lens packages.

Polarized – Polarized lenses banish outdoor and indoor glare and provide valuable protection against damaging UVA/UVB rays. They are an excellent choice for outdoor activities like daytime driving and sports.

Antireflective – Reduce eye fatigue, nighttime halos and glare both indoors and out. Especially helpful for tasks like night driving, as they provide an important measure of safety and comfort. They resist scratches and smudges for crisp, clear vision.

Transitions®/Photofusion® - These specialized lenses automatically adapt to your surroundings, changing from clear indoors to dark in sunlight so you don’t have to carry a spare set of glasses. We guarantee they’ll adapt or your money back.

For the Perfect Contact Lenses, Look No Further

Lake Eye has a wide selection of the latest, most advanced contact lenses to help you see the world beautifully.

We offer the latest high-tech advances, including multifocal contact lenses – soft, comfortable lenses that provide continuous vision correction at most distances and are suitable for many people who thought they needed hard contact lenses for adequate correction.

We feature a variety of lens types, including daily wear lenses, which are removed nightly, extended wear, which can be worn up to 7 consecutive days and nights, and continuous wear, which can be worn up to 30 consecutive days and nights, for greatest ease and convenience.

Lake Eye carries the finest name brands in ultra-hygienic daily disposable lenses, disposable lenses that last up to 2 weeks, frequent replacement lenses that last from 1-3 months, and traditional lenses that last 6 months or longer. Most styles come in colors, too, to amp up your natural eye color or even change it to something different, so you can vary your look.

And if you need help deciding what lens type is right for you, our highly trained staff is happy to provide expert assistance.

warranties with your satisfaction in mind

Precision Optics wants you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase. We offer a 30-day replacement or money-back guarantee on all frames, plus a two-year warranty against defects. Certain specialty frames come with their own manufacturers’ warranties. Your optician will provide you with details about your specific frame warranty. 

All prescription lenses ordered with scratch coat are warranted against scratches for two years from order date. Uncoated lenses are warranted for 60 days from order date. For full frame and lens warranty information, please click here.

Insurance and Financing Options

We work with respected insurance provider VSP and finance companies CareCredit and Alphaeon to help make your purchases easy and affordable.


Designer Lines For Every Style and Taste

Experience a collection so savvy, stylish and smart, you won’t believe your eyes! From classic to trendy, we offer the world’s most fashionable eyewear from these renowned high-quality name brand designers: