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These days, technology is everywhere. It has changed the way we work, travel, even how we communicate. The best news about technology is that there are more ways to benefit from it than ever before, especially when it comes to your vision and eye health.

Dr. Vinay Gutti

Dr. Vinay Gutti

“Technology has provided revolutionary new ways to protect and correct vision impaired by common diseases like cataracts that once routinely led to serious complications, including blindness,” says Lake Eye Associates’ Board-certified Ophthalmologist Vinay Gutti, MD. “It has prompted innovative procedures that arrest disease and safely restore vision, usually in just minutes.”

Among today’s advances is the array of options to treat cataracts. A cataract is a clump of protein that forms on the lens of the eye, causing vision to become cloudy, blurry, muted, even doubled. Light sources may seem too bright or haloed, disrupting activities like reading and driving, especially at night. Though cataracts can occur at any age due to heredity, injury and other factors, it is especially common in older people, affecting more than 22 million Americans over 40, a number projected to increase to 30 million by the year 2020.

Luckily, today’s cataract surgery is so safe and effective that more than 3.3 million Americans have it done each year. It is a quick procedure, taking only minutes to remove the clouded lens and replace it with a new clear intraocular lens, or IOL.

However, not all cataract surgeries and IOLs are created equal.

“Lake Eye continues to remain at the forefront of advanced procedures and new technologies,” says Dr. Gutti. “We offer the most recent innovations in intraocular lens selection and placement, designed to ensure the utmost level of success and long-term satisfaction among patients.”

After performing thousands of successful cataract surgeries, the doctors of Lake Eye have determined which IOLs offer patients the best overall vision correction and clarity, and use only Trulign™ and Toric® lenses to correct both cataracts and astigmatism, Crystalens® to restore near and intermediate vision, and TECNIS® and ReSTOR® lenses for patients seeking multifocal vision correction.

One breakthrough procedure Lake Eye has adopted ahead of its peers is the ORA™ system with VerifEye™ technology, which provides continuous real-time assessment of the eye during surgery. “With this system, I can take a live measurement of a lens’s axis and cylinder power, as well as the eyeball’s curvature, which helps ensure the IOL I select will be right for the patient and positioned with unparalleled exactitude,” says Dr. Gutti. “The extra measure of security and accuracy can make a big difference in a patient’s lasting satisfaction.”

The ability to get an accurate analysis of astigmatism, a common defect in the shape of the eye, is paramount to ideal IOL selection. The ORA™ system’s enhanced precision reduces the number of patients who fall outside the post-op astigmatic target by nearly 54%. “The target refers to the level of astigmatism correction we’re aiming for based on each patient’s particular circumstances. Without ORA, about one in four patients may not reach the desired target. With ORA, nearly nine out of ten will hit a bullseye, and that makes everyone happy.”

Another exciting development is semi-dropless cataract surgery. Also known less accurately as “dropless” cataract surgery, this procedure utilizes multi-targeted, slow-release medication administered during surgery to dramatically reduce the risk of post-op infection and inflammation. With traditional surgery, a patient is required to apply costly prescription eyedrops up to four times a day for a month or more, which is not only inconvenient, but also expensive. With semi-dropless surgery, the medicine administered by the surgeon continues to work long after the surgery is over, greatly reducing the need for post-op eyedrops, thereby lowering overall costs. “Because it depends less on the patient being able to remember to apply drops several times a day, it lowers the risk of infection, too, making this an advanced technology that’s better for both patient and doctor,” says Dr. Gutti. “Oh, and let’s not forget the wallet.”

Technology is here to stay. So, even if you can’t quite figure out social media, you can still enjoy the benefits of the latest technology from the professionals of Lake Eye. We’re dedicated to providing you with clear, healthy vision for a lifetime.

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