Lake Eye – Leading the Way in Advanced Cataracts Treatments

Clumps of protein can form on the lens of the eye and prevent light from reaching the retina, blurring vision and muting colors. These clumps are called cataracts and they occur commonly among people aged 55 and older. Talk to nearly anyone in that age group and he or she will likely have or know someone who has cataracts.

 Dr. Scot Holman

Dr. Scot Holman

When you want to know about the latest technologies and procedures to remove cataracts and restore clearer vision, however, the person to talk to is Lake Eye Associates ophthalmologist and eye surgeon Dr. Scot Holman. Lake Eye was the first practice in Lake County to offer the new LenSx® refractive laser cataract surgery, and the ORA™ System, two incredible breakthroughs in the treatment of cataracts. 

For years Lake Eye has been a local leader and provider of advanced technologies for every type of eye disease and disorder, and freeing patients from the vision problems and dangers presented by cataracts is of particular importance to its Board Certified ophthalmologists. “We continually seek out, investigate and review advances in vision care and employ those that are proven to improve outcomes and patients’ lives,” says Dr. Holman. “We like to stay ahead of the curve so patients know they’re always getting state-of-the-art care.” 

One procedure Lake Eye pioneered locally is the LenSx® cataract surgery system, the greatest advance of its kind in over twenty years. The system captures high-resolution 3D images of the eye, allowing Dr. Holman to isolate cataracts and plan the surgery before it begins. It utilizes computer guidance and a femtosecond laser (the same type that has been used for decades in LASIK surgery) to remove the cataract-damaged lens with impressive accuracy – and without blades. 

“With LenSx, there is no actual cutting as in traditional cataract surgery,” says Dr. Holman. “The process utilizes a low-temp laser instead of a surgical knife for enhanced safety, accuracy and speed. And I’m able to customize the surgery to each patient and their particular circumstance, which helps assure the utmost precision and long-term satisfaction.”

Dr. Holman and Lake Eye colleague Dr. Scott Wehrly were the first local surgeons qualified to perform LenSx® cataract surgery. “We received extensive training in the procedure,” says Dr. Holman. “I love the ease and logic of the system. It makes cataract surgery exceptionally exact, safe and rapid. In just minutes, patients enjoy permanent removal of cataracts, and for some I’m able to reduce or even eliminate astigmatism by correcting distortion of the eyeball and restoring it to a rounder, more normal shape.” 

Once the damaged lens is removed, it is replaced with an intraocular lens, or IOL, selected by the surgeon based on each patient’s goals and condition. Selecting the right IOL for a patient is an art in itself, made nearly foolproof by another advanced technology employed by Lake Eye, the ORA™ System with VerifEye+™ Technology. This system allows Dr. Holman to assess each patient’s eye during surgery and obtain measurement, alignment and other valuable information in real time, assisting in the optimal selection and pinpoint positioning of a replacement lens such as AcrySof® IQ ReSTOR®, which can restore perfect vision to 9 out of 10 patients.

Most patients are able to return to regular tasks the day after surgery and enjoy improved vision over the following days and weeks. So if you suffer from cataracts, now might be the time to improve your vision and your life with a call to Lake Eye Associates.